About Us

  • In American Places: In Search of the Twenty-First Century Campus, noted designer and MU campus planner Perry Chapman encourages 21st-century American campuses to adopt an ethic of place supported by principles of sustainability, authenticity, and community. Chapman points out that making better places of college campuses bolsters recruitment and improves donor support in an increasingly competitive environment. At an even deeper level, Chapman recognizes that place is where our best traditions and the societal changes that higher education must address in the new century meet one another.
  • More specifically, the Pride of Place campus heritage network is an ad hoc group of Mizzou students, faculty, staff, and supporters who meet periodically for the purpose of discussing and promoting current and potential activities using campus buildings and space. These activities are aimed at raising awareness about the history, culture, landscape, and mission of our extraordinary campus. From time to time, the Pride of Place Network provides leadership for initiating or overseeing an activity of interest.
  • If you are interested or would like additional information about the Pride of Place Campus Heritage Network, please contact W. Arthur Mehrhoff, Ph.D., Academic Coordinator, Museum of Art & Archaeology at mehrhoffw@missouri.edu or (573) 882-0696.
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